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Tips Before Start CGPSC Preparation

CGPSC Preparation

We Are Introducing a Tips Before Start CGPSC Preparation for CGPSC Because of that Various Aspirants are Preparing For CGPSC But Some Aspirants got the selection and Some Aspirants not Why?; Every Selected Aspirant has own strategy to crack the Exam. If You Don’t trust Me then you can ask him/her.This Strategy is Not universal, everyone has own strategy and you can also design your strategy. So we have designed a CGPSC Preparation Strategy this will Help you in the whole process of your CGPSC selection. So let’s take a look

Tips Before Start CGPSC Preparation

This Post is only for the introduction all the Topics Related to  Tips Before Start CGPSC Preparation and then we will discuss One By one in Our Future Post:-

1) Decision to Start the CGPSC Preparation:-

Some College Student takes the decision to the preparation of Government Recruitment Exams Before the Consideration of Parents, Selected Aspirants, without attending any demo classes. So in this Topic Post, we will discuss various topics like How you can decide to start the preparation, Material Choosing Technique, Syllabus Analysis, How to check your Capacity, All aspects.

2) Syllabus and Booklist For CGPSC & Where you can easily Find out:-

New Aspirants Always Falls in this dilemma – which books are important for exams or not, how to choose Exam oriented Books, lots of aspirants take the lots of books like forming Library. so how can you avoid this? We will give you an accurate book list, Study Materials, and Reference book list. We Can not Provide you a single Book for Single Exam.Because Every Aspirant will give more than one exams Like UPSC, State PSC, Banking, SSC, and all. All the Details we will discuss in that post. Our Suggested Booklist is Already Published For English Medium and Hindi Medium Both.

CGPSC Booklist for English Medium

CGPSC Booklists for Hindi Medium

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3) Old Question Paper Solution:-

If you did not Analyse old Question Paper then you will face the biggest trouble. Because Every New Aspirant needs to analyze the old papers, this will help you to find the pattern of examination.Don’t upset Guys we will give you 3 years analysis paper on pre and Mains on the Next Post. Before Taking The Analysis Download The previous year Question Papers From Download Section.

4) Study Approach(Pre+mains+Interview):- 

Some Guys thinking is “Pahle Pre to Clear Ho Jaye” This Mindset is very Bad Because All the Steps of selection is interconnected if you prepare for mains then you got selection for pre and your interview will clear due to the Proper knowledge of General Studies integrated With Your Native Place and Your personal information. We help you to make study interconnected for pre Mains and interview.

5) Notes Making And Answer writing:-

Notes Making is an Art and Every Topper Aspirant has its own Notes. Better notes will improve your chance to get the selection. Better Notes help you to revise in short period of time, Mains Exam has not the time to revise the whole book it requires short notes. We Will Learn how to make short notes.

Mains Paper Required to Answer in Descriptive Format in 30,60,100,200,250,500 Words. I will tell you to choose Best And Simple Keywords to get more marks in Answer. we will give you a mock question for practice and that will help you to write a good answer with Speed.

6) Our Running Lecture Series On CGPSC Preparation:-

Our Lectures Are already Running, you can take the help of that Video Lectures on youtube all the Videos are Free. our Lectures Uploading Time Friday to Sunday.

7) Test Series For CGPSC Preparation:-

Test Series is very important factor in pre-exam it will test your knowledge and Quick decision on given time and Performance in under pressure.We will give you some basic Question on the weekly or daily basis you can solve and test your own preparations. Questions are Based on PRE and Mains Both Format.

9) How to Focus on Current Affairs:-

We will clear your dilemma of current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs and Utilization of Mobile Phones, the Internet for Current Affairs.

We Hope you Guys are Enjoy our Post and Please Keep supporting Us for more Study Materials on various Topics – History, Geography, Constitution, Economics, and All other topics.

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