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What is #Deletefacebook and How To Protect Your Personal Data on internet


Recently #Deletefacebook and #RegulateFacebook are Trending hashtags(#) on Twitter After the announcement of Facebook Users 50 Million Data Breach.

Facebook has Confirmed the 50 Million Users Personal Data has been leaked.In 2014, Cambridge Analytica used personal information taken without authorization from more than 50 million Facebook users to build a system that profiled US voters.

After the Announcement of this Data Leak, Many Peoples are started to Delete the Facebook Accounts So the “#DeleteFacebook” hashtag has been Created in Twitter.

Many Industrial Leaders have Deleted Their Companies Facebook Page Like Tesla and SpaceX Some Peoples are Raise Voice against data Leak Like Whats app Co-Founder.

What is Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica is a British political consulting firm which combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process.

Note: This Information is Only for the Awareness of Peoples who are using the Internet.

We are Indians and we always love to use Free Services or Products on the internet as well as in Real World. Before Taking any Free Services or Products We have the Same Dialog Among all Indians; “Free me Mil Raha hai to le lo” and we Always Love To Fight with Shopkeepers To Get “BuyOne Get one Free.

But Let Me Remind You one Thing Guys  ” Nothing is Free in the World” Buy one Get one” is also not a free Because the Product’s Production Cost is always added in the First Product.

The Internet is not a free Platform as just we Mostly think. Internet Will Provides you Mostly three Types of Services:

  1. Full Free Services: You May or May not to Share Your Email Id or Personal Data e.g. Wikipedia
  2. Partial Free Services: Some Information is Free But Some information Will open After Entering Your Email Id and Name Like Dc Classes, Mock Test Result will be shown after entering your Email Id.
  3. Paid Services: It has Two Types

(a) Enter your All Personal Data Like Name, Email, City, Set Password And Access All Services that is Provided By Particular Company Like Facebook

(b) Enter your All Personal Data Like Name, Email, City, Set Password and pay a Decent amount of money to get the Service that is Provided By Particular Company Like Apple Itunes (Monthly 300 Rupees to get Songs).

I Hope You have Cleared About the Types of Services on the Internet. When You want to Access the Third Type of Services then You Need To PayFirst that is Information Your Personal Information or We Can Say that Internet has a “Barter System” (Share Your Info And Acces Our Information) to Pay and Access And Facebook Also Doing this from Begining.

 Why Are These Companies Collect Your Personal Information?

These Companies are Collect Your Personal Information and Store Companies Database For Big Level Analysis (Consumer Behaviour Analysis) or Sometimes we can see in News “BigData”.Use This Analysis To make Strategies to Expand their Services in the Particular region or Sometime Sell this Analysis to New Companies to Start There Business.

The same Case has to Happen Recently “Cambridge Analytica” harvested data from 50 million Facebook users without their consent and Use This Information in 2016 Presidential Election in America.

How To Collect Analysis Will we Show You With an Example

When you Register a New Account on Facebook then Facebook will ask you Some First Level Personal Basic Information: First Name, Last Name, Email id, Password, Birth date. These Formal Data Will Help you To Identify Your Country, age, Which Email Services Your are Using.

The second Level Of Data Collection is Hobby, School name, College Name, Work, Movies, Music. These Types of Information will easily Help You to crack your Personalities and These Data will more useful for advertisers.

Suppose a New Action Movie will be Releasing on next month then advertisers will use your data to Advertise like a targeted advertisement (The Action Movie Ads Directly show in your Mob Screen) Sometimes this information will use for Negative Works Like Riots, Negative Election Promotion and more.

How To Cover India Year Book Step by Step Guide

How To Save Your Personal Data On the Internet

Mostly Users Fill There data During the Installation and Access of Mobile Apps (Data Access Permissions) and using Web sites.

We have Some Simple Tips you can Follow and Save Your Personal Data.

  • Use Always Trusted Companies app don’t use Screensaver apps, Wallpaper changer app some Funky Keyboard apps Because sometimes these are mostly fake and not trusted.
  • Before Installing any App Check the Description, what are the services in the app and Check Review and Rating of the App and how much users are using.
  • During the Installation Process Check the what are Permissions are necessary to run the app. eg If Any Gaming App Will ask for contact Permission So Please don’t install it because Contact list Permission is not useful in gaming. These Games will send You all contact list to another Server.
  • Avoid Registration or login Process. Use Skip Option to Avoid the Registration and Use these app Services Before Registration. After the satisfaction of App Services then Use Registration.
  • Avoid these types of access Facebook Apps:

– Face Matching Apps

– Know Your future Bride or Groom’s Personality

– Print Your Wedding Cards in FB

These Apps will Use Your Personal Data to know your Personality and Store for analysis.

  • Avoid These types of websites

– $1 Apple iPhone Contest Lucky Draw

– Install App and Earn Money (Mostly fake apps)

– Some Quizz Apps Answer and Win 1000 Cashback

  • Avoid Without “https” Websites pages Mostly During the Payment Process
  • Don’t Save your Debit Cards Numbers in Any Wallet or Website or Apps Account For Direct Pay.

Some Small Suggestions For Government to take it Seriously and take Action:

  • Issue a Formal Guidelines for Website And Apps Design Like no force to input personal data and access the services.
  • Make a strict law for Privacy of Personal Data.
  • No Hidden Terms and conditions Related to Data Sharing, Selling to the Third party.
  • Make Guidelines For Digital Marketing Companies.
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