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How To cover India Year Book 2018 Complete Guide For Upsc, Psc Exams

india year book 2018

India Year Book 2018 is the Best and Concise Book To Cover All the Government Schemes  For Recruitment Exams in India. Here We Have Discussed All the possible aspects of Indian Year Book Step by Step Like What is Indian Year Book and How To Cover All Chapters in Shortest Time.

What is India Year Book?

India Year Book is a Comprehensive Book for all Government Progress Related Data. Which Contains Ministerial and Departmental Wise Organized data Of All Running Government Schemes and Programs that are running and analysis of previous schemes and Progress in India at Each Level From Rural To Urban, Policial, Economical, Environmental etc.

Who Release the India Year Book 2018 and India Year Book Release Date

Every Year India Year Book Released By Publication Division of India. Publication Division a Media unit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India.

Why We Need To Read India Year Book For UPSC and PSC Exams

These Days the Trends of Questions are Very Changed. Minimum 7-8 Questions are Directly asked from Government Schemes and Data in any Government Recruitment Exams UPSC & PSC Exams.

When We Missed these 7-8 Question then Selection Chances are Decreased Because 7-8 Questions are Directly Reduce 16 Marks from Total Marks And 16 Marks are very Good Marks in Negative Marking Era.

Also, We Don’t have a Time To Search One By One Scheme Details on the Internet to Get the Data and Let Me Remind You one thing No one can Cover all Schemes in any Blog or Website and YouTube Channel.

So India Yearbook 2018 is the Best Option to get the Data, Because it is has a Complete and Authentic Source of all Government Schemes in India.

Number of Chapters in India Year Book 2018

India Year Book 2018 has 32 Chapters to Complete it is Vast Book But Don’t Worry Described Below how To Read All Chapters at minimum Time.

  1. Land and the People
  2. National Symbols
  3. Polity
  4. Agriculture
  5. Culture and Tourism
  6. Basic Economic Data
  7. Commerce
  8. Communications and Information Technology
  9. Defense
  10. Education
  11. Energy
  12. Environment
  13. Finance
  14. Corporate Affairs
  15. Food and Civil Supplies
  16. Health and Family Welfare
  17. Housing
  18. India and the World
  19. Industry
  20. Justice and Law
  21. Labour
  22. Mass Communication
  23. Planning
  24. Rural and Urban Development
  25. Scientific and Technological Developments
  26. Transport
  27. Water Resources
  28. Welfare
  29. Youth Affairs and Sports
  30. States and Union Territories
  31. Diary of National Events
  32. General Information

Important chapters that should not be missed in India Year Book 2018

All Chapters are Important To Read But We Will Classify all these Chapters in Priority Means Some Chapters Are Highly Important and Some Chapters are needed To Know. So We Will Arrange All the Chapters in Colour Cod – RGB

Red – High Priority     Green – Second Priority         Blue – Third Priority

  • Land and the People    
  • National Symbols
  • Polity
  • Agriculture
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Basic Economic Data
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health and Family Welfare
  • India and the World
  • Planning
  • Rural and Urban Development
  • Scientific and Technological Developments
  • Welfare
  • Youth Affairs and Sports
  • States and Union Territories
  • Commerce
  • Communications and Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Industry
  • Justice and Law
  • Diary of National Events
  • General Information
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Food and Civil Supplies
  • Housing
  • Labour
  • Mass Communication
  • Diary of National Events
  • General Information

How To Complete All the Chapters of India Year Book 2018 at Minimum Time

Don’t Apply the Sequential Method To Read all the Chapters of India Year Book. You can Divide All Chapters in Priority As We Mention Earlier.

You Can Divide All the Chapters into 4-5 Segments and Cover Each Segment one by but remember one thing you should cover first those Topics which are highly Relevant to Exam.

Example of Segments:

  1. General Knowledge About India
  2. Political Scenario
  3. Economic Status of India
  4. Infrastructure (Rural, urban)

How To Choose Best Books For Recruitment Exams

How To Read the Each Chapter And Prepare Notes for Revision

Just Pick One Chapter along with marking pen and Blank Sheet then Start Reading Line By Line And Mark those lines which are very important for the exam. how would you know which line is important or not because while the reading first time we feel Each Line is important but don’t worry we have a solution. you may focus those lines which contain these type of information.

  1. Scheme Name and Launch date
  2. Which Ministry has Launched the scheme (Ministry Name)
  3. What is the Main Objective of the scheme?
  4. Progress and Relevance of the Scheme
  5. The outcome of the Scheme?
  6. Any new steps are taken by gov for the particular scheme.
  7. Note Only Important Data Like Total Budget.

So Your Short Notes will be Prepare along with your reading.

How to Get Cheapest Way to Buy or Download the India Year Book 2018

Many Aspirants has tried to save the money during the Purchasing of India year Book And Try to Download Free PDF from Many Blogs But I Will Recommend you Guys don’t go through with this Because Many Bloggers are Skip some chapters during the scanning of the book.

Publication Division has also Provide the PDF Version or Kindle Edition of India year Book 2018. So You can Download Kindle Edition Or Indian yearbook 2018 pdf in Hindi and English from Amazon or You can Buy Hard Copy of the Book.

India Year Book In English Pdf 

India Year Book In Hindi Pdf

Best Of Luck

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