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How To Prepare General Studies For Competitive Exams Like UPSC, PSC Exams

Prepare General Studies

How To Prepare General Studies is a most important as well as Foremost Question will come to our mind when we have decided to start the Preparation of Government Exams Like; UPSC Exam Or any State Services Exams.

So Don’t Worry We Will Explore All the General Studies Ocean and Give You The Brief Ideas of all General Studies including What is General Studies, Why General Studies Needs To Study, What are the Subjects in General Studies, What are the Best Books For General Studies, How To Start the Preparation, Small Intro Of Our Resources That Will Help you in your Preparation.

What is General Studies?

In General Term General Studies is a Basic Idea About all the Concepts in Various Subjects (History, Indian Constitution, Economics etc) And We Can Use These concepts to crack the Exam as Well as Our Daily Life and Our Workplaces.

Why Do We need to Study General Studies?

Please Don’t Forget You Are Preparing For Various government’s Recruitment Exams So, First of all, It will Help You to Crack the Exam Whatever Your Target is! But After the Selection, You Can’t Believe! it Will More helpful. Every Civil Servant Need Some Basic Qualities Like:

  • Good Interpersonal Skill
  • Good Decision Making
  • Leadership Quality
  • Better General Knowlege to Understand the Issues
  • Private And Public Relation
  • Good Personalities
  • Behaviour with Your Seniors

And these Qualities are Essential For Various Government Posts And General Studies Will Help To Get the Constitutional Knowledge, Historical Knowledge, Economics Knowledge Many More Pieces of knowledge That Will Very Useful Your Workplace As Well Solve the Daily Problems.

Ok, I Will Give You Example: When You are in Finance Department You Need To Know what is Budget and it’s Components, What is Tax Because The Desired Post Want These Types Of Knowledges And If Your Economics Concepts will Help you in your Workplace.

What Are the Subjects in General Studies?

General Studies Comprises With Many Subjects We Count them in 10-12 Studies. Here is List :

  1. Indian History
  2. Indian Constitution And Governance
  3. Geography
  4. Indian Economy
  5. Environment
  6. General Science
  7. Technology
  8. International Relationship
  9. Internal Security
  10. Social Problems And Social Justice

But Except UPSC Civil Service Exam The General Studies Subjects we can Count them in 6 Form Top 1 to 6 form the List.

These Subjects is not much Tough or not much easier You Can Easily Grab the Concepts in Self Study But You Need A Good Strategy And Good Books to Crack the Exam And We Will Help You to Make A strategy and Study These Books I have Explained in the Bottom of the Post.

Best Books To Prepare General Studies Subjects.

Many Books And Notes Are Available in The Market You Can Easily Buy And Start Study But I Want To Remind You Every Books And note are Not Fulfill the Exam Orientation And Book Selection is the First Step to Get The Selection. We Will Provide You the Toppers Choice Booklist at Discount prices To crack UPSC And PSC Exams As Well as you can Read the Strategy Like How To Study the Perticuler Book in Our Solution  box Posts

Book List For Prepare General Studies:

  1. Indian History:

World History: Mastering Modern World History By Norman Lowe

Ancient History: India’s Ancient Past Book by R.S. Sharma

Medival History: A History of Medieval India Book By Satis…

Modern History: A Brief History of Modern India By Rajiv …

India’s Struggle for Independence By Bipi…

2. Indian Constitution And Governance:

Indian Constitution: Indian Polity Book By M. Laxmikant

Governance in India: Governance in India Book By M. Laxmikant

3. Geography Book (Get Any One):

: Geography of India By Majid Husain

: Certificate Physical and Human Geography …

4. Indian Economy:

: Indian economy: Ramesh Singh

5. Environment:

: Environment Book | Environment & Ecology …

Shankar IAS Academy Environment Book

6. General Science:

  • Not Need Any Specific Book, Just Download The NCERT From 6 to 10 And Selected Chapters Of 11 and 12.

7. Technology:

  • It Does Not Require Any Book Just Follow The Current Affairs And News Papers And   Prepare Notes For Technology.

8. International Relationship:

: Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India’…

9. Internal Security:

: Internal Security for Civil Services Main…

10. Social Problems And Social Justice

: Indian Social Problems Book | Social Prob…

How To Prepare General Studies

The first Process To Prepare General Studies, You Need to Study the Whole Syllabus Deeply And Find The Previous Year Question Papers at least 10 Years. After the Analysis of Whole Syllabus, You Will Definitely Know What are the Subjects (General Studies) in Your Exam And How Much Questions are Came in past year Papers. Use These Points in Your analysis:

  1. At least 5 -10 Year Previous Paper
  2. Analyse Subject wise – How Much Question Came From Each Subject in the Single year?
  3. Check the Variations in terms of Questions in each year
  4. Current Affairs Status
  5. Compare Recent Year Question Paper with all Previous Year Questions and Find Difference among them.

After the completion of the analysis, You Need To Take Your Favorite Subject First And Use Your Pencil or Pen to mark the Important Lines in Your First Reading Of Your Book And Make the Short Notes For Your Revise. Solve Any Topic Wise Test Papers Or Join Any Topic Wise Test Series That Will Track Your Preparation And You Can Easily Find Your Weaknesses.

200-400 Page Reading is not the easy task so You Need a Strategy, or Best Reading Method to grab all the concepts in your first reading of Book.We Don’t Have Any Master Key To Open All Locks of General Studies But We will try to Provide You Best Reading Technique to Understand All the Concepts in Single Reading of Any Books of General Studies.

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