Geography of Chhattisgarh is Like a Pandora Box

Everyone knows what is Pandora Box? If You Don’t know then don’t worry the Pandora Box is a Box which Contains Lots of Surprises and Chhattisgarh Geography same as that Box.  

Geography Subject is very interesting with lots of Knowledge and facts as well as it covers 30-40% of General Studies Syllabus. when you Cover All the Aspects/ Dimensions of  Geography like Physical Geography, Human Geography, Economic Geography Then you will get Good Marks in General Studies Paper. Chhattisgarh Geography is part of Geography.

Geography Needs More attention on Basic Concepts and Facts Then you will ride the Geography. So the Best Strategy of the Study of Geography is Start From NCERT (Basic) to Advances. Otherwise, you will not feel  ! what is the Geography.

This Subject will help you on Prelims, Mains, as Well as Interview. Prelims have Multiple Choice Questions and this stage you need a crisp and clear understanding of Geography. Mains Exam Need Descriptive Knowledge of Geography and 2-5 Interview (CGPSC Interview) Questions always came from your Home Town Location which is related to Geography. It Develops Your Knowledge and Understanding of various Topics.

Geography of Chhattisgarh Subject no Need to study the whole Geography or Advance Geography Because it is  Clearly Mention in the syllabus that is ” Geography Of Chhattisgarh”(Scroll Down for Syllabus Discussion).

So Let’s Start the Discussion About Chhattisgarh Geography Based on These Points – Tips Before Start The Study, Overview of Chhattisgarh Geography Syllabus, Our Study Roadmap on Geography etc.

“HereWe Go”

  1) Tips Before Start The Geography of Chhattisgarh:-

You Need a CGPSC Exam Oriented Book or Notes or Study Materials Which Contains all the Information, Data, Facts, then You will cross the First Stage of Elimination Because the choices of Books is the first round of Elimination of CGPSC Prelims Exam. So I am Suggesting 3-4 Books (Discounted Price)On Geography Which is Totally Exam Oriented. You can See below. You can choose anyone on the list and Follow.

Chhattisgarh General Studies Book 1 (Hindi):- Click Here

Chhattisgarh General Studies Book 2 (Hindi):- Click Here

Chhattisgarh General Studies Book 3 (English):- Click Here
Geography will never Complete without the map. During the Examination, You Need To Draw the Maps on answer sheet of a specific part of Chhattisgarh. I suggest you guys keep some Maps of Chhattisgarh and India Like -Physical and Political. Here I am Giving the Link to Download the Map.

Chhattisgarh Map By Chips:- Click Here To Download

Chhattisgarh Map By Maps Of India:- Click Here To Download

Chhattisgarh Reference Atlas:- Click Here To Download

Try To Explore Your District as well as Neboughering District more and more for Gathering Details Like rivers temples etc. Then you will see reduced your Study Burden Because you know the details of least 3 District of Chhattisgarh.

 2) Overview of Chhattisgarh Geography Syllabus:-

Let’s Take A Look at Syllabus. I Just copy and Paste Syllabus for CGPSC Prelims and mains.

Prelims Syllabus:-

  1. Geography, Climate, Physical Status, Census, Archeological, and Tourists Centers of Chhattisgarh.
  2. Economy, Forest, and Agriculture of Chhattisgarh.
  3. Industry in Chhattisgarh, Energy, water and Mineral Resources of Chhattisgarh.

Mains Syllabus:-

Geography Of Chhattisgarh

Physical Features, Location & Extent, Physical Divisions and Drainage System, Climate, Soil Types, Vegetation and their importance, flora & Fauna, Human Features, Population Growth, Density, and Distribution, Infant and Maternal Mortality Rate.

Agriculture, Forest, Industry, and Natural Resource Of Chhattisgarh

Agriculture and Forest in Chhattisgarh, Structure Of Agriculture Output, Cropping Pattern, Means Of Irrigation and their importance, Modernization of Agriculture, Agriculture Problems and Planning, Growth and Structure of industries in Chhattisgarh – Large, Medium, Small, and Their Compressions, Growth, Weaknesses, Problems.

Natural Resources, Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Thermal and Hydel Electricity Projects, Solar Energy, Forest And Mineral Based Industries in Chhattisgarh.

The Syllabus is not Sequenced and Integrated manner where you can Start the Preparation.Then We had to Decide to find out the topics which are integrated with Pre and Mains And Then We Created a Roadmap of the Chhattisgarh Geography. We have Covered All the Topics and Subtopics of Syllabus. You Can See the Next Point

3) Our Roadmap For Chhattisgarh Geography:-

chhattisgarh geographyWe have Designed the Road Map for Chhattisgarh Geography From Start To End. Let us Look at our Roadmap

First We Will Cover the Physical Geography Of Chhattisgarh. Various Topics in it You Can See Below:-

  1. Physical Geography of Chhattisgarh- Physical Division of Chhattisgarh – Mountain, Plateau, Plain etc.
  2. River System of Chhattisgarh – Drainage System, Waterfall, Dams, Irrigation etc
  3. Internal Structure of Chhattisgarh- Geological Structure, Minerals, Industries, Industrial Centuries
  4. The atmosphere of Chhattisgarh- Climate Condition, Precipitation, Soil, Agriculture etc.
  5.  Forest And Wildlife

We will complete One By One the Chhattisgarh Geography. All Listed Topics are Very Important for Prelims As Well As mains. Dc Classes Cg will Provide you all the Notes and Lectures in listed Topics.

We have Discussed in Various Topics such as Tips Before Start The Chhattisgarh Geography, Overview of Geography of Chhattisgarh Syllabus, Our Roadmap For Geography of Chhattisgarh.

I hope You Like our Notes On Geography of Chhattisgarh, Recommended Books and Materials. Please Share Dc classes Cg Study Materials On FaceBook, WhatsApp, Twitter And Other Social Media Platforms to Your Friends, Family, Relatives.

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