Crack CGPSC 6 months strategy Online

How To Crack CGPSC 6 Months Strategy Online Lectures

How To Crack CGPSC 6 Months Strategy Online Lectures Video is the First Video Lecture of Dc Classes CG.  In This Video We Talked About Very Common Things About the CGPSC Exam Preparation. Here is a List; what We Have Discussed in this Video.

  1. Coaching is important or not?
  2. How much study hours?
  3. Selection Process?
  4. Syllabus?
  5. Test Series
  6. Textbooks /reference books?
  7. Current Affairs?
  8. Gov. Websites/ Data /Budget / Survey?
  9. Previous year cutoff and Question Paper Analysis?

I Will Give the Short Description Of All Listed Points in Above. Let’s Take the First Point

  1. Coaching is important or not? : It is a Very Common Questions Before Starting the CGPSC Preparation. I have Listed Out Positive and Negative Points For Coaching Institutes.
  2. How much study hours? : Everyone has Own Capacity For Study So One Rule Can’t Apply To All Aspirants, But I have Explained all The Dimensions Of Study Hours During the Preparation Of CGPSc Exam.
  3. Selection process: CGPSc Exam has Three Levels CGPSc PRE, CGPSC Mains Exam, CGPSC Interview.
  4. CGPSC Syllabus: We Have Discussed the Importance Of Syllabus.
  5. Test Series: Test Series is Important To Track the Preparation Level Of Any Exam. But The Selection of the Test Series is Very Important Because Many Institutes are Set Those Types of questions Which is not Fulfill the Requirement Of the CGPSC Exam. How can you choose that Test Series?. I Have Already Discussed in This Video.

This How To Crack CGPSC 6 Months Strategy Online Lectures Video Series is Divided into Two-Part Here The First Part of the Video is Completed in 5 Points. Second Video Will Cover All rest of the Topics. If You Want To See The Second Video Then Please Click Here. 

We have Already Covered What are the Important Books For CGPSC Exam In Hindi And English Medium Both.

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