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Overview Of Economics Lectures in Hindi (अर्थव्यवस्था का अवलोकन )- Economics Online Lectures #1

Overview Of Economics Lectures in Hindi is the First Video Of Our Economics Lectures Series That Contains Overview Of All Our Economics Lecture Series In Hindi. Lecture Series in Hindi Means All Our Economics Series’s  Explanation And PPT Presentation In Hindi Language.So

In This Post You Can Read All The Lectures Contains in Depth As Well as You Can Download the PPT Of This Lecture Video As Well As Our Video Downloading Link To Download Our Videos For Future Reference (But Video Downloading is a Bad Idea And We Don’t Recommended).

This Video Has Divided In 6 Major Sections:

  1. Who Will Get The Benefit ?
  2. How Much Time To Cover Economics ?
  3. Study Approach For Economics
  4. Why We Study Economics ?
  5. Topic List Of Indian Economy
  6. Syllabus Explanation Pre And Mains Of CGPSC Exam

So Start With First Point:

  1. Who Will Get The Benefit ?: Our Lecture Series is collection of all most Important exam Related Basic Topics of Economics. So If You Are Preparing For Any Center Based Exams Like UPSC, SSC, RBI, Bank Exams or All State PSC Exams (CGPSC, MPPSC etc.) then This Lecture Series Will Definitely Helpfull To You.
  2. How Much Time To Cover Economics ? : Indian Economy is Not a Small Subject as Compare to Environment, Science, It is Very Vast In Nature. We Try To Encapsulate All Topics in 20-25 Lecture videos in Integrated Manner. Every Video has A Mock questions You Can Solve This And Track Your Preparation Or Our Topic Wise Test Section Will Help To Check the Status Of Your Preparation.
  3. Study Approach For Economics: Every One Wants To Know what is the Best Strategy To Study Indian Economy. Let me Tell You Something “Every Subject has own Natutre”, When You Grab the Nature Of the Subject Than You Can Easily understand What are the Concepts are Involved in the Subjects. Don’t Worry We Already Shared You the Study Approach For Indian Economy But Here Is A List Of Books Which Is Very Essential For Economics And We Recommend You To Buy Or Download PDF From Our Download Section. Take At Least One Book (Ramesh Singh, S.N. Lal) Apart From Ncert Indian Economy Book list:

Class 9th in English

Class 9th in Hindi

Class 10th In English

Class 10th in Hindi

Class 11th in English

Class 11th in Hindi

Class 12th in English(Micro & Macro)

►Class 12th in Hindi

Ramesh Singh: English

►Ramesh Singh: Hindi


4. Why We Study Economics ? : First of All We Are Preparing For Recruitment Exams And These Kind Of Exams has 10-30 Questions of Indian Economy So We Will Help You To Solve That Questions.

Apart From That There May be Economic Related Problems In Daily life Like GST, VAT, Income Tax, GDP, Per Capita Income But You May Not Noticing all that. So Through Our Lectures We May Try To Connect You With The Practical implementation of Economics Theories with Daily Life Scenario.

It will Give You More Benefits After Selection Such As Training Period, Working Place, Solving Daily Life Decision Making Problems.

5. Topic List Of Indian Economy:

– Cover Basics ( Economics , types , etc)

– Monetary policy and Banking (Banks, NBFC, RBI)

– Fiscal Policy (Budget, Tax )

– International economy & important organizations (WTO, GAAT, WB, IMF)

– Sectors Of Economy (Primary, Secondary, Tartary)

– Human Resources Topics ( Poverty, Unemployment)

– Other Miscellaneous Topics

Play Our Video For Depth Explanation on Topic Wise

6. Syllabus Explanation Pre And Mains Of CGPSC Exam: In this Section We have Give The Brief Analysis Of the CGPSC Mains Economics Syllabus Overview.

So Here we have Present All the Sections Of This Video But we Recommend You To See Our Awesome Lecture Video Of Overview Of Economics in Hindi.



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